Food Sensitivity Testing: A non-pharmaceutical approach to managing your health care

The Program:
This program combines Food Sensitivity Testing, comprehensive health assessments, and compliance counseling to help your body regain optimal health. Through the use of our laboratory services, and one-on
-one phone consults, we can create a highly personalized and effective health regimen that is right for you. Discover which foods and lifestyle behaviors are keeping you from obtaining optimal health and give your body the tools needed to achieve your wellness goals.

Why Test?

Food is the main source of fuel for our bodies, yet some "healthy" foods may be causing inflammation. Unlike classic allergies, "sensitivities" can take up to four days AFTER eating a food for a symptom to manifest, and may include:

  • inability to lose weight
  • digestive issues
  • joint pain
  • skin problems
  • cognitive decline
  • rapid aging
  • lack of energy

and much more. A simple blood test may pinpoint the foods that trigger inflammation, so you can eat according to your unique body chemistry.

Are you ready to try the Food Sensitivity Challenge?

Do the Blood Test today and Challenge Yourself.

  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Customized Results Reports
  • Patient Support
  • Complimentary Nutrition Guide

** test is administered at a seperate Laboratory***Test results and nutritional counseling is provided by BIOTRINETIX. visits to learn more about the Food Sensitivity Testing and their company***

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