Getting Started

How can I get started on a Weight Loss Program?

ITG offers a comprehensive porgram with an expert team of weight management professionals to help you achieve your individual goals. Our "how to" educational approach teaches you about planning and preparing balanced, healthful meals, dealing effectively with the stresses of weight management, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, preventing relapses and more. Plus we offer you personalized support for that extra dose of motivation and eocouragement you sometimes need.

Steps to Getting Started

  • Go to
  • Go to Get Started at he bottom of the page
  • fill out a Health Status Intake Form
  • Make sure you say that you are from Love Chiropractic where it asks "Where did you hear about the ITG Diet?"
  • After you fill out your information lick the submit button
  • someone from the ITH Diet team will contact you and you will be givena username and password and will be contacted directly by one of the ITG Diet Coaches.

What will you receive?

  • An explanation of the program
  • Weelky follow-up
  • Weelky analysis of your required food diary
  • Weekly coaching and support
  • Guidance through each Step of the program
  • A postivie attiude to succeed!
  • All ITG foods required for the plan
  • All Supplements that are required for the plan